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Travel Insurance by SureSave

SureSave, is an Australian company who specialise in travel insurance designed for travellers. Dedicated to keeping travellers informed and covered through an honest and genuine approach to travel. SureSave provides world assistance through a customer support team, a claims team and an in-house 24/7 Emergency Assistance division.  Underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyds. You get peace of mind knowing your security is guaranteed. When you need help, you’ll get it in a familiar accent from someone who understands and is there to help. 

SureSave Pty Limited, ABN 82 137 885 262 AR339902 is an Authorised Representative of Cerberus Special Risks Pty Limited
ABN 81 115 932 173, AFS Licence No 308461 (Cerberus).

Travel Snow by H.I.S., H.I.S. Australia Pty Ltd ABN 81 011 037 577 is a distributor for Cerberus.
This insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's.


Why do we recommend Travel Insurance?

While most Australians travel safely overseas, some find themselves in trouble. Each year Suresave handle many thousands of cases involving Australians in difficulty overseas. This includes cases of hospitalisations, deaths, and evacuations to another location for medical purposes. Medical treatment overseas can be expensive whether it is for injury from an accident or for illness such as food poisoning, appendicitis, or heart attack.

In cases where the individuals are not covered by travel insurance, such personal tragedies can be further compounded by a long-term financial burden. Hospitalisation, medical treatment, medical evacuations, or even the return of the deceased's remains to Australia, can be very expensive.

Daily hospitalisation costs in Southeast Asia regularly exceed $800; return of remains from Europe in excess of $10,000. The cost of medical evacuations from the United States regularly range from $75,000 to $95,000 and sometimes up to $300,000, while some medical evacuations from Bali have exceeded $60,000 in cost.

Unfortunately, not all of these cases involved travellers covered by travel insurance. Travellers who are not covered by insurance are personally liable for covering incurred medical and associated costs. As a result, families have been forced to sell off assets, including their superannuation or family homes, to afford to bring loved ones back to Australia.

Where Australians cannot obtain travel insurance to cover their personal circumstances, they should consider the potential financial risks before deciding whether to proceed with planned travel overseas.



Suresave Travel Insurance

SureSave Travel Insurance protects you & your family for up to 12 months.
It automatically covers 43 Pre-existing Medical Conditions & dependents under the age of 25 are FREE

» Unlimited overseas medical cover
» Unlimited additional expenses
» Cancellation cover
» High levels of cover for your luggage, cameras and laptops
» Insolvency cover
» 24 hour emergency assistance

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