Madarao Kogen

Madarao Kogen

In Madarao, 60% of the courses are ungroomed deep powder when you ski.
The ski area features a unique bowl-shape. Since Madarao was host to Japan’s first Freestyle Skiing Competition,
there are many unique courses to choose from groomed courses, ungroomed courses, the Tree Run course, Free Ride Park, Kid’s Park, and wave courses-
Madarao can be enjoyed by everyone from first timers to advanced skiers!
Madarao is located in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture, between Nozawa Onsen and Myoko Kogen.

How to get there
From Narita Airport: 4 hours by train &  bus
From Tokyo: 3 hours by train &  bus
From Nagoya: 5 hours by train & bus
From Osaka: 6 hours by train &  bus

From Narita International Airport you are able to catch a train to Nagano and then a bus from Nagano to Madarao Kogen. This trip take approximately 4 hours.

Mountain Statistics 
Ski Season: Middle of December to March
Mountain Elevation: 1382 meters
Snowfall Average: 10 meters
Longest Run: 2.5 km
Steepest Run: 36 Degrees
Numbers of Courses: 28
Number of Lifts: 15
Terrain: Beginner: 30%, Intermediate: 35%, Advanced: 35%


Madarao Onsen Ski Trail Map  Click link to PDF file  Madarao Weather  Click link to Snow