Sumo Training Tour

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Tokyo, Japan

From Tokyo, Japan

A typical day of a sumo wrestler starts with early morning practice. It is quite a spectacle to see these powerful wrestlers battling it out in these morning sessions. You will witness up close to the massive size of these wrestlers, which cannot be truly appreciated from the sidelines.

Tour includes: Transportation from your hotel to Sumo stable (public transportation). Watching the Sumo training.

Time 7:45 - 10:45
Departure 05 -08 Jan,05-13 Feb, 2-25,28 Apr-07 May, 04-12 Jun, 24-28 Aug, 01-10 Sep,08-16 Oct, 03-22 Dec 2015
(except During Tournament & Special Training period)
Meals Breakfast 0
Lunch 0
Dinner 0
Guide English-speaking guide or assistant service is provided.
Code IJ-WS01

Designated Place (Your Hotel Lobby) or West Exit of Ryogoku Station. For tours within Tokyo: pick-up service from hotels is available. Select a hotel that is located within 10 minutes walk from any station on the Yamanote line or within the Yamanote line circle. Tour fee includes public transportation such as JR railway, subway and/or bus. For taxi or hired car, supplementary fees will be charged.
Please keep in mind following precautions when you visit sumo stables.
1: A sumo stable is not a facility for tourists. Sumo wrestlers are practicing very hard and seriously every day. So please don't forget to show respect to the stable master     and wrestlers.
2: Please watch the practice quietly and do not move around in the stable.
3: Please do not talk in the stable. Even your whispering voice may disturb the wrestlers.
4: Please don't stand on the ring or on the sandy ground. The ring is the sacred place for the wrestlers.
5: At the entrance of the stable, please take off your shoes and step onto the tatami floor (rush mat floor). Then sit on the floor. When you sit on the floor, please cross your legs and don't stretch your legs toward the ring. It is considered impolite to show the soles of feet to the wrestlers.
6: Please take off your hat and sunglasses inside the stable.
7: Inside the stable, you are not allowed to eat or drink or smoke. So please keep in mind "No food, no drink and no chewing gum and candies."
8: You can take photos during the practice but you are not allowed to stand up or move around. Please do not use flash more than necessary and do not use cameras with a loud motor and shutter sound.
9: Please turn off your mobile phone.
10 :Once you start watching practice, you are supposed to stay until the wrestlers finish their practice. So please try not to leave the stable during the practice.

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