Snowmobile tour in Hakuba

from $174

Hakuba, Japan

Take a lesson on a snowmobile with the majestic scenery of Shinshu to your back! Please come and experience what cannot be described in words. You will have 30 minutes on a practice course to learn how to handle the machines and after you will have 30 minutes of riding and mini tour. In the experience venue, you can also try out Snow rafting! You can take a driving lesson and enjoy the tour against a backdrop of Japanese Alps. Let's try something exciting in Hakuba!!

60 minutes tour
(30 min Single ride also available)


 Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park School Center

Holding period Business day

Mid December to End of March (Depending on snow depth)

Held time Starting time 09:45 ~ 11:00 ~ 13: 00 ~ 14: 15 ~ 15: 30 ~
Single Ride Single seater / Junior high school students more than
Tandem Ride Two seater  / 6  years of age or older
Clothes Snowsuit (up and down wear gloves), warm shoes (snow boots and boots), goggles, etc.
Warm Clothing, Snow boot, Goggles Etc.
Others *There is a thing to be canceled in case of bad weather.  Be cancelled due to bad weather.
*The price snowmobiles, helmet, are included in the lesson fee.

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